ATIA 09 Resources

Sessions Attended


Hear Me Now - In Thought and Voice! Pati King-Debaun, Dan Herlihy
This session gave participants a hands on experience with AAC devices in conjunction with software application such as Classroom Suite, My Own Bookshelf, PowerPoint, and Clicker 5. Participants learned how AAC users can input information in to applications using their device for things such as journals creating talking books and more. Examples were given for alternate assessment and written expression.

Aligned and Ready to Learn by Kathy Staugler (

This session covered the need for a curriculum for ALL students no mater the disability. Kathy is the creator of the new product put out by News 2 You, the Unique Learning System "The complete special education curriculum solution you've been waiting for."

Stirring up the Alphabet Soup: Blending AT, UDL, RTI and AIM to Increase Achievement by Joy Zabala, R. Ziolkowski, D. Carl, V. Hershman

This session took a playful look at all the acronyms we face when it comes to delivering instruction in today's classroom with the diverse learners.
UDL benefits ALL learners in the classroom and is the solution to most barriers student face with learning new information.

Referenced the Book "The World is Flat" by Thomas L. Friedman
National UDL Task Force
PATINS Project (Indiana's Assisitive Technology and UDL Initiative)
Higher Education Opportunity Act - 2008

Data Tools To Assist The AT Team: The Tracker Series by Sherry Hollingsworth,Adaptive Solutions, Alli Yates, Kelly Fonner

How do we manage AT? The Tracker Series is a software solution that can help school districts track teachers and student use of assistive technology.
This session was

Who Qualifies... Who Cares? by J. Diedrich, R. Ziolkowski

This session was

State Education Agency (SEA) Action On Accessibility: One State's Story by D. Broussard, State Team-Reg Ed, Regional AT Center Regions 3,4, & 6, State Team Special Ed

Literacy for Everyone by Pati King-DeBaun

Five for Free!: A Handful of Online UDL/NIMAS Tools from CAST by S. Stahl, J. Zabala

IntelliTools Extreme! New Frontiers with Classroom Suite 4 by Dan Herlihy

Vendor Area Resources

Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resources System (FDLRS) Centers

These centers are located throughout the state and have Technology Specialists and Regional Technology Specialists available to train and consult on accessible media, assistive technology, instructional technology, and Universal Design for Learning for students with disabilities.


New From BoardMaker!

Curriculum Companions- Must have BoardMaker Plus or SDPro to run these companion CD's. Extensive supplemental on-screen activities designed to make your school's curriculum accessible!

BoardMakerPlus PLAYER! NOW they really did it!! Mayer-Johnson has available the PLAYER that can be used to interact with pre-made activities like the Curriculum Companions.

ALL Curriculum Accessible Literacy Learning a researched based curriculum that teaches basic reading skills to students with complex communication needs and physical challenges.

Sessions Attended
Literacy for Everyone
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